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Drawing classes are available now

Enter a world of inspirational energy at my comfortable, charming art studio in Port Huron, Michigan. This season, classes are lively and fun with a good gathering of new and seasoned drawing students. It’s the perfect time to join a class and warm up your creative spirit. Call now to get started!

New Scholarship Program begins March 2023
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Watercolor Workshops with Mike Henry
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Rock Painting Birthday Parties
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Share the joy of creativity

“I can’t believe this piece of artwork came from my own two hands. I always said I can’t even draw a straight line. Now look at me! If I can do this, anyone can!” – Student Susan H.

Anyone can learn
to draw

Anyone can learn to draw. The first step is learning to see like an artist. You will learn this simple technique in Drawing Basics.

Learn to see as an
artist sees

Take an art lesson or class, even
(and especially) if you think you are not creative.